Portland gets high lifestyle rankings

Portland living has been getting increased attention from across the country. We’ve already mentioned Business Insider lists Portland among its top 2014 destinations. Forbes, Bon Appetit, Outside Magazine and Green Living all give top ratings to the quality of life offered in our fair four-season city.


Here’s what they have to say:

Green Living Magazine

Between the impressive air and water quality, and twice as many doctors per capita versus the national average, the smogless skies make Portland the healthiest urban center in the States. Portland has various landscapes such as the White Mountains that can be hiked and explored, and coastal waterways to be toured by boat. Portland’s obesity rate of 15 percent falls below the national average of 21 percent, which could be due, in part, to the widespread availability of organic food shops. If you like to indulge, it also has some of the best lobster available.

Green Living Magazine: Best Places to Live in 2014—The Nation’s Happiest Cities


Tasty microbrews aren’t the only reason to like Portland. Thanks to high marks in five key quality of life metrics, Portland tops this year’s list of America’s Most Livable Cities. “It’s a very easy place to live,” says Leon Perrin, 31, a manager at Gritty’s. “It’s small, so getting around isn’t too much of a hassle. And it’s a beautiful place throughout all four seasons.”

Forbes: America’s Most Livable Cities

Outside Magazine

Portland is one of those rare places that really does combine small-town charm with big(ger)-city opportunities. But what we really love is the uniquely Maine mix of generational fishermen and young professionals, the latter lured here by the relatively low cost of living and (for Maine, at least) a diverse economy that includes everything from major financial and insurance corporations to media companies like our partner Outside TV.

Outside Magazine: Best Towns 2010: Portland, Maine

Bon Appetit

Why? First, it’s got great product, from oysters to fiddlehead ferns. Second, the town has attracted stellar chefs who know how to turn these resources into great food. Third, it even has a signature meal, breakfast, that turns the first fare of the day into a celebration of all this bounty. And finally, it has citizens who expect a lot, and get even more.

Bon Appetit Magazine: Portland, Maine


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