Portland Food Coop opening soon


Photo courtesy of Portland Food Coop

As member-owners, we’re excited for the upcoming opening of the Portland Food Coop, just a few blocks’ walk down Congress Street. See construction photos on their site.

The update in a recent newsletter reads:

We have our shelving, check out counters, and coolers all installed, and ready to be filled with the amazing local, organic, and healthy products. As soon as we finish construction and get our occupancy permit from the city, we’ll be able to announce an opening date.

And we’ve just heard that as of today, they have 2,015 member-owners, but there’s no limit on how many member-owners they can have, and each additional person who joins makes the co-op stronger. Find out how you can be a member-owner.

For more information, check out the Portland Food Coop site. They’ve also been featured in stories from the Bangor Daily News (Community, not commerce: Portland Food Co-op prepares for opening) and MaineBiz (Portland Food Coop to open soon).



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