Perfect Fit by Jac Oullette Completes Sculpture Collection at 118

oulette_sculptureEver seen a small sculpture and wonder what it would like if it were huge? Well, 118 residents and passersby are going to find out. The image shown here is 18 inches in height. 118 developers Chip Newell and Susan Morris asked Jac Oullette to envision a version that is 6 feet in height. It will be installed at the end of April on the 4th floor in the window facing Congress St.

Jac Ouellette earned her BFA with a major in sculptural metal furniture in 2002 from Maine College of Art. Over the last decade, her interests have evolved to include colorful oil painted landscapes, vibrant metal sculptures and custom home furnishings.  Jac’s work can be found in public schools and parks, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, private homes and colleges throughout New England. She currently is a member of the Board of Trustees of MECA.

Jac sums up her approach, “The process and transformation of raw materials into sculpture, a painting or a functional piece of art is my passion.  With sculpture, I strive to transform cold hard steel into soft flowing forms.”

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