Outside Magazine names Portland one of best places to live in America

Outside-september-cover-2014-250The September, 2014 issue of Outside Magazine names Portland, Maine as number 13 in its 16 Greatest Places to Live in America.

“With an influx of bike commuters and locally sourced eateries, and a burgeoning art and music scene, the East Coast’s Portland (pop. 66,000) is starting to resemble its beard-dominated West Coast counterpart.”

The qualifications for “Best” include “access to adventure, healthy eating options, bike lanes and green spaces.” Check, check, check and check!

“When locals aren’t sea kayaking, they’re mountain-biking Bradbury Mountain State Park’s and Cape Elizabeth’s combined 30-plus miles of trails or surfing and paddleboarding the 60-degree summer water at Scarborough and Higgins beaches (in wetsuits, of course). And popular shop Gorham Bike and Ski leads a Friday-morning coffee ride—a 52-mile loop with a cappuccino stop midway in Yarmouth.”

See the full review (number 13) and the complete list at OutsideOnline: The 16 Greatest Places to Live in America.


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