Downeast Magazine features the Munjoy Hill home of David Lloyd and John Ryan

When they decided to sell their homes and move to Munjoy Hill, 118’s architect David Lloyd and construction firm owner John Ryan designed and built the condominiums of their dreams . If you are considering a home at 118, this is a must read article. It is no coincidence that they were selected to join the 118 team; they truly understand urban living and how to design spaces that live well.

“When real estate developer Peter Bass and sculptor Lin Lisberger decided it was time to downsize from their big family home in Gorham and move to Portland, they also decided to recruit some friends to move in with them. The people they selected turned out to constitute a downtown Portland development dream team, so it is no surprise that the multi-family home they built is something special.”

See the full article on Group Effort

29 Waterville Street, home of Lloyd and Ryan


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